Pesa has completed DMU’s deliveries for Deutsche Bahn

Foto: PESA

The last vehicles produced by Pesa for Deutsche Bahn left Bydgoszcz on September 29th, and a day later, at the base in Kempten, LINks were presented during the formal summary of the DB Regio rolling stock modernisation program in Bavaria.

In total, Pesa delivered to Germany 72 Links in two-unit versions /23 BR632 vehicles/ and in three-unit versions / 49 BR633 vehicles/. These are trains dedicated to regional traffic. They carry passengers in the areas of Dortmund /Sauerland/, Frankfurt /Hesse/ and Munich / Allgäu/. They have traveled over 2 million kilometres so far.

“It was one of the most demanding contracts that PESA had to deal with. The German market is the most demanding railway market in Europe. Working with DB was a challenge. We had no experience working with such a demanding partner. There were better and worse moments in this contract, but we did not give up. We delivered all the vehicles for Allgäu on time, despite the prevailing pandemic. This is the success of the entire team, several hundred people were involved in this project - all of them deserve thanks and congratulations. ", said Jacek Niedziela, DB Contract Manager at Pesa Bydgoszcz SA

"Beginnings are always difficult. Putting of PESA Link into service in DB Regio was associated with challenges that we overcame together with the manufacturer. It paid off: the commissioning of the trains on the Allgäu network went quite smoothly”, emphasized Hansrüdiger Fritz, Head of DB Regio Bayern during the ceremony in Kempten.

Pesa Link, depending on the number of units, have from 110 to 160 seats, including 12 in the 1st class, fully adapted to the transport of disabled people, low-floor, with places for bicycles and can reach speeds of up to 140 km/h.

The framework agreement between Pesa and Deutsche Bahn was signed on September 19th, 2012 at the Berlin Innotrans fair. It gave DB the opportunity to order up to 420 vehicles, and the contract value was 1.2 billion. Two years after signing the contract, Pesa presented in Berlin a prototype of the vehicle, which finally received approval on May 30th, 2018 and was put into passenger service by EBA in Germany. (red/PESA)

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