17.-18.04.2024 | Hotel Mondial am Dom, Cologne

Railway Diagnostic and Monitoring Conference 2024


At the recent Railway Diagnostic and Monitoring Conference (RDMC), attendees experienced the next level of railroad innovation, going beyond last year's success in Lucerne. This time the RDMC came to Cologne and offered a unique change of pace by exploring the workshop of the local transport companyKVB. We looked at sensor technology in rail vehicles and uncovered the transformative impact of sensor technology on predictive maintenance.

At the heart of the conference were insightful lectures on sensor technology in rail vehicles, spotlighting its pivotal role and rapid advancements. While embracing new horizons, we remained rooted in our commitment to Wayside Train Monitoring equipment, unveiling the latest breakthroughs in monitoring both rail vehicles and infrastructure.

We dove deep into the world of data, exploring its benefits and understanding how collected data can be seamlessly accessible for stakeholders. Beyond professional exchange, the RDMC fostered a networking environment, ensuring an unparalleled experience in the realm of Railway Diagnostics and Monitoring. The event was held in a hybrid format and conducted in English for a global audience.

The first day of the conference offered exciting presentations with a concluding networking dinner. More presentations followed on the second day of the conference.