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Ontario Line: Contract awarded

Hitachi Rail has been awarded the Ontario Line contract by Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx as consortium leader of Connect 6ix.

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Framework contract for digital signalling systems in central and northern Italy

Hitachi Rail has been awarded a framework contract worth €867m by Italian infrastructure operator Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) for ERTMS development and supply for central and northern Italy.

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Norway: Further delay for ERTMS

Earlier this year, Bane NOR announced the commissioning of the new ERTMS backup system on Nordlandsbanen and Gjøvikbanen for November 2022.

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Germany: Digital rail – no offers

Die Digitalisierung des Netzes der Deutschen Bahn ist nicht leicht umsetzbar – es fehlen die Lieferanten und Dienstleister.

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Italy: Framework contract for Alstom for ERTMS equipment

Alstom has signed a framework contract worth around €900 million with Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) for the design, supply and commissioning of an ERTMS system.

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Norway: Commissioning of ERTMS postponed

In November, the new ERTMS system (ETCS Level 2) was to be put into operation for the first time on the Gjøvikbanen between Oslo and Gjøvik; however, this now has to be postponed.