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Rail Impacts

The year 2028 could become a milestone for ETCS in Germany

From 2028, ETCS could become the network access criterion for suitably equipped lines outside of high-speed lines for the first time.


BMDV extends period for GSM-R conversion

The Federal Ministry of Transport has extended the conversion period to the interference-resistant GSM-R standard.


DSD: More than one billion euros extra

In December, Federal Transport Minister Dr Volker Wissing and DB Infrastructure Board Member Berthold Huber signed an agreement that provides more money for the Digital Rail Germany programme.


Network agency postpones LTE switchover to 2024

The Federal Network Agency has prohibited the introduction of another 4G radio frequency for better mobile phone reception in trains, planned for the timetable change on 11.12.2022, and postponed it until December 2024.


DSD: Federal GmbH should coordinate

Für die weitere Umsetzung der Digitalisierung im Rahmen des Projekts „Digitale Schiene Deutschland“ (DSD) müsse „umgehend“ eine Gesellschaft des Bundes die zentrale Koordination des strecken- und fahrzeugseitigen DSD-Rollouts übernehmen.


The struggle for DAK funding continues

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) presented the "2022 DAC Sector Statement - Digital Automatic Coupling - a key element for the transformation of the European railway system" on 21.09.2022. About eight years before the planned introduction date of 2030, European railway associations continue to struggle with member states and the EU Commission over the financing of the billion euro project.